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Yeay, that's
John Stockton

name of NBA's 1995 best assist

Milk Eggs Flour Lemon Butter So GOOD lemon pie !
Tarte au citron

the full recipe of lemon pie

and probably

Captain Obviousfree advice from pandicorne !
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La terre est bien malade...

Plus, in case you didn't know...

Internet is pollution : with every new page created, it's a bit more of carbon footprint released.

So, in a nutshell, creating useless pages hurts our planet more than readgin something already well debated.

You are obv preoccupied by the fate of our little planet !

You too want to make a difference !


To conclude

Internet, and all great creation of history, have been made by passionate people sharing their knowledge.

Transmission of information is importante for our culture, yes.

But that must not happend at the expands of our environment, and Search Engine are a tremendous knowledge base, the greatest humand kind ever had. !

Searching a bot more on Search Engine is a great move for the environment !


help us preserve the environment, and think a bit more about searching, before asking.

This may preserve quality of our social feed too !

Google is
your friend !Otherwise, there's Qwant you can
use as well !

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